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Mukul’s son denies father launching new party

 MPost |  2015-11-19 00:51:06.0  |  Kolkata

Mukul’s son denies father launching new party

As speculation is rife about the imminent launch of a new political party by sidelined TMC leader Mukul Roy, his son Subhranshu, a TMC MLA, on Wednesday, however, poured cold water, saying those who were talking about this were living in a fool’s paradise.

“Mukul Roy may have served his party with his blood and sweat. But he became Mukul Roy only because of TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee. I personally want him to come back to the party by holding the hand of Mamata Banerjee,’ Roy’s son said addressing a rally at Dum Dum on the outskirts of the city.

He went on to say that “None of us in our party has any existence without Mamata Banerjee. Those who say that Mukul Roy will form a new political outfit are living in a fool’s paradise.”

Asked about his son's comment, Mukul said, “I don’t know what my son has said. But I am reiterating what I have been saying for the last several months that is I am still a member and MP of TMC?”

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