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"Avengers: Endgame" | Wrapping up in style

 27 April 2019 10:14 AM GMT  |  Rohan Chandra

Wrapping up in style

“Part of the journey is the end,” as Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr asserts in the movie, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ marks the end of an era which had started from Iron Man back in 2008. The hype for the movie has surely competed with HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ marking April as the month for fans. The way Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) concluded Avengers: Infinity War, it left the audience in an unconvincing void – showing only half story – much to MCU’s delight. But even so, they made sure that the half looked as complete with the eradication of half population and superheroes. Endgame, with its impressive hype, unusually long run time and a trove of answers to all the questions which Infinity War created, has lived up to expectations of fans in a comprehensive manner.

Summing up the more-than-a-decade of superhero action in a precise manner with all pieces of the puzzle in place, it is an ultimate delight for a fan. The script definitely enlightens the movie but it is the classic MCU cinematography which will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. 181 minutes sure seems a lot but ask a fan and it would still seem less; Russo brothers have certainly made it worth since time will literally fly as a roller coaster of emotions.

Audio and Visuals, which set a benchmark with the first Avengers, have leap-frogged in Endgame. Humour-infested dialogues, emotionally charged action sequences and directional depth make Endgame stand up to expectations. But character performances and depth, sequencing of events and build-up halfway through the movie exceed expectations.

The plot meanders mid-way in a natural necessity to link gaps and reduce ambiguity while keeping intact the overall story. Background score has been up to the mark with Marvel ensuring a list of tracks subtly empowering the sequences, while the action takes you for a ride.

A blend of love, friendship, drama, action, hope and vigour squeezed in the greatest movie in MCU’s arsenal, Endgame is worth multiple-watch. It offers ample surprises even with the obvious. The movie keeps shifting pace and possibilities sequence after sequence but treats to fantastic twists just when you least expect it.

A trip back in the memory lane, the movie ensures a fresh narration of all the tales up to point, drawing multiple inferences but a single conclusion. Dubbing it a must-watch would be an understatement. Endgame offers a delightful experience to those who have grown with the movie, subtle, lively and emotionally charged to conclude in the most unexpected manner.

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