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"‘Sargoshiyan’" | Another facet of Kashmir

 26 May 2017 3:54 PM GMT  |  IANS

Another facet of Kashmir

If the media has been painting Jammu and Kashmir as an unstable state where terrorism thrives, the film “Sargoshiyan” shows another facet of the place.

“Sargoshiyan”, which means whispers, reverberates with the sentiments of the people of the state. Designed as a road film with innocence and friendship as its core theme, the film captures the ethos of the people living there.

The story of the film is weaved around Kashmir and Kashmiri people’s simplicity, pride and Kashmiriyat. It’s a very simple and interesting theme, all about Kashmir where J&K and the Kashmiri people are central to certain developments taking place in the movie. The movie portrays how even today Muslims and Pandit’s stay in harmony in the J&K valley.

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