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Motorists should be patient while driving through fog: Cops

With foggy winters approaching, Delhi Police have advised motorists on ways to combat fog and what precautions to take. 

The motorists have been advised not to be in haste. The cops advise to plan the journney well in advance and keep extra time in hand. Last moment rushes are often troublesome.

The advisory emphasises on keeping the vehicle in good condition and making sure everything is in working order, especially lights, brakes, tyres, windscreen wipers, radiator, battery and car heating system.

Most of the accidents occur because the racing vehicles aren’t able to see people if they are out of the car. The cops advise to keep a high visibility jacket and a torch in the car so that one can see and be seen in case the person gets out of the vehicle. Keep safe distance from your front and side vehicles and avoid tail-gating which is another precaution that motorists must take.

Driving with lights on low beam is also suggested. High beams get reflected back in the fog and cause hindrance to visibility. Cops suggest drivers to turn on their fog lights if visibility is reduced to less than 100 meters. Reduce speed and slow down, watch speedometer, don’t overdrive your headlights.

In view of the fog and occasional rain, roads could be slippery. The cops advise to be extra cautious on roads and not go for overtaking other vehicles. Suggestions have also been provided to motorists to use the right edge of the road or painted road markings or central divider as a guide and be patient.

“One needs to keep an eye on the road and use one’s ears more carefully to judge traffic that cannot be seen.Turn off music and don’t eat, drink, smoke while driving. Do not stop on a freeway or busy roads,” says Garima Bhatnagar, Joint CP Traffic. 
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