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Mother & her 2 children found dead in West Delhi

Mother & her 2 children found dead in West Delhi
Police have ruled out robbery as the motive behind the triple murder. Prima facie, there were no signs of sexual assault, but an attempt cannot be ruled out, police have alleged. According to the official, the accused persons were known to the victim and it was a friendly entry.

The incident came to light when Shabnam’s husband, Mohammad Jafar, returned to their <g data-gr-id="44">second floor</g> house at 6.30 am from Jaipur. He had gone to Jaipur on Saturday. Jafar works as a cloth trader and travels frequently.

Pushpendra Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, West, said: “We were informed about the incident at 7 am. The family of five lives on the second floor of the <g data-gr-id="51">five storey</g> building. On Monday morning, Jafar, who had gone to Jaipur, came back and found the front gate of the building open. As he went upstairs, he found their flat locked. He tried calling <g data-gr-id="54">Shabnam</g> but she did not take his calls. This made him suspicious and he informed all his relatives.”

A PCR call was made and when police arrived, they found the woman lying on the bed while the children were lying on the floor. The other three children, 11-month-old son Ayan and five-year-old Sanam and four-year-old <g data-gr-id="43">Arshi</g> were sleeping at that time.

Kumar added by saying: “The woman’s feet were tied by a cloth and her face was covered in blood. There were wound marks on her neck. The girl was strangulated with a piece of cloth while the boy was found bleeding from the neck.” The three-year-old Sanam kept repeating: “Bade <g data-gr-id="45">chachu</g> ne <g data-gr-id="46">kiya</g> (Uncle did this)”. 

However, since nothing more could be deciphered from what she was saying, police are investigating the case from all angles but have not completely ruled out what the minor kept saying. Jafar and a few neighbours too were detained and interrogated. A case has been registered under relevant sections of the IPC in Khyala police station.

In the evening, when the bodies were released after conducting <g data-gr-id="58">post-mortem</g>, locals and family members gathered outside the victims’ house to stage a protest which turned violent. Some of the protestors alleged the role of the landlord, Faheem, in the murder. However, Faheem was nowhere to be found. According to a police official posted on the site, the situation was tense. The angry mob also damaged a few police vehicles. Sources said, about 50 policemen had been deployed to bring the situation under control. 
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