Moss found Hince while googling men

Supermodel Kate Moss says she stumbled upon rocker husband Jamie Hince while she was googling men.

‘Jamie’s amazing. Basically, he turned up. I was at my friend’s house in the South of France, and we were Googling men. And I went, Ooh, I like the look of him. A friend set us up. He turned up, and we spent the next four days together. And after we finally woke up, I said, Do you want a bacon sandwich? And he just laughed at me,’ femalefirst.co.uk quoted Moss as saying.

‘I didn’t know he was a vegan. We’d been together four days. He wasn’t a vegan for much longer. I did get him with the bacon sandwich,’ she added.

The couple began dating in 2007 and exchanged wedding vows with Hince last year.


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