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More than 100 exotic pigeons stolen, case registered

 Zafar Abbas |  2017-01-12 00:26:57.0  |  New Delhi

More than 100 exotic pigeons stolen, case registered

Not long back the Delhi Police were in news for searching 9 buffaloes that were robbed from Aman Vihar. Now, the men in khaki are searching for 110 pigeons of exotic breed that were stolen from Delhi’s Jamia Nagar. The estimated cost of the stolen pigeons is approximately Rs 1 lakh.

It was an usual day for Mohd Waseem when he came to the terrace of his house to feed the hundreds of high quality pigeons that he has collected over the years. As he opened the latch of the mesh cage in which the colorful pigeons were kept, he found the roof of the cage broken and all his pigeons stolen.

Immediately, the PCR was called and the cops registered a case under IPC Section 380. An investigating officer was assigned for the pigeon theft. The cops also visited the spot and took necessary clues regarding the pigeon theft.

“Though the pigeons stolen cost around Rs one lakh but what has left me in distress is not the money but the pain I took in collecting these pigeons over the years. I had some rare breeds that are quite expensive and not easily available,” said Waseem.

The breeds of pigeons that were stolen are Magpie pigeon, German beauty, Gola, Madrasi, Unabi Chandna, Safed Patez, Babri Chadni, Gulabi Khera, Sabz Kahire, Janglan Hyderabadi, Kala Shehrazi, Zard Band, Ghagra Khaire, Lal Mokhaya and Kishmishi Babri.

Pigeon flying or racing is a popular sport in parts of the country. The racing pigeon are quite expensive and are fed on almonds, cashew nuts and even various other dry fruits for strength and agility.

“I have travelled long distances like Rampur and Saharanpur to get some breeds that were uncommon. I hope that the Delhi Police find my pigeons at the earliest,” says Waseem.

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