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I am a fence sitter. There are various reasons for that, the primary being that I cannot entirely decide which modus operandi is best when it comes to ruling a city, a state or a nation. Am not very convinced about the power of the aam aadmi because intrinsically we are all selfish (Apna kaam banta bhaad mein jaaye jantaa?). And aam aadmi for me is still Saif Ali Khan’s mango people. Ergo funny. Ergo not entirely convincing. But then there is Salman Khan’s aam aadmi, who makes a very believable doodle of three times three (right out of a wiccan spell) and takes his Being Human mojo down (or up) a notch. You decide. Power to you.

Jai (Salman Khan) is a good human being. He’s got his heart in the right place; he always has - on screen and off. Jai is basically Salman Khan’s good little alter ego. The bad one is out there. Yes, the one that allegedly runs over people sometimes, shoots a black buck, lands a few tight ones on his girlfriends but Bollywood loves the man and make no mistake, so do we! 

He has a great heart, he is just a kid in the playground who doesn’t understand how hard is too hard (if you would have seen the picture of Salman Khan with Beena Kak’s nephew you’d know where this love-hate rant is coming from).

So going back to the story, Sohail Khan does what every good sibling does. He encashes the brethren cheque to the hilt. Salman beating up baddies, trying to dance and ripping his shirt off sells, so Sohail sells it all wholesale with discounts. Jai Ho is all about bhai and the rest flit in and out. Tabu holds her ground but then her name’s not in the title right? Daisy Shah will need some very good roles after this if she wants to keep acting. 

Nothing in Jai Ho matters except the man in question. And will that rake in the moolah? But of course! In aam aadmi lingo it is paisa wasool for all the intellectually wrong reasons. And intellect isn’t of importance if you are going to watch a Salman Khan film.

I read a review where the person writing it was generous enough to label Jai Ho Salman’s best performance till date. That’s hogwash! We’ve Salman acting better. But giving credit where it is due - this is Salman Khan being all heart. The good way, without physically harming people or gifting watches. He helps people and asks them to help others in return and eventually living on the logic that good karma begets better karma. The right people’s man and we hope our new CM is going to watch this film and learn a little (Don’t take your shirt off ok?)

Jai Ho will not lose the BO game, we all know that. The music is decently in place, the action is tonnes of fun. But will it cross Dhoom 3, well one may never know till the trade analysts get tweeting. But everyone likes a bad boy gone good right?
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