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Moonlight, Melody, Marvel!

Moonlight, Melody, Marvel!
When the glint of silver light from the moon would reflect on the strings of Lakha Kahn’s sarangi, and when his voice would stir your soul, you’d thank yourself for being at Lodi Garden.  Friends of Music (FOM), the series of musical get together is back with another evening of great music. The musical evening will not only see Lakha Khan but also two collaborative projects – The Aditya Narayan Collaborative and the Boom Shankar Project. 
About Lakha Khan, you’d know how great a sarangi player he is along with being the last living master of a rare and versatile instrument, the Sindhi Sarangi. But what you’d not know is that he’s a Manganiyar, a marginalised community of Muslims who make a living playing music on either side of the India-Pakistan border. In Pakistan, the community is known as Manganhar, and has less complex, but nevertheless potent version of the sarangi called the Surando. Isn’t that the best example of how music has no boundaries? You can also see, or rather listen, how versatile Lakha Khan can get when he plays his instrument to Bulleh Shah in Punjabi and also the next moment render Kabir’s dohas in Hindi. And obviously nothing can be as soothing as his singing in his native language of Rajasthan. 
Just if by any chance you are not too fond of the classical music and you are proudly a part of the ‘global village’, don’t you worry child! The Boom Shankar Project  is a collaboration of musicians with different musical backgrounds and influence from India and around the globe exploring world music. Based out of Delhi, their soulful compositions include Bhatiyali, Baul, Persian, Turkish, Jazz and a multitude of influences. Even the Aditya Narayan Collaborative is one that has been exploring new sounds, genre, people and even instruments through their music. So look out! 
Well, have you ever wanted to have great food with live music playing that too under the moonlight? Then this is exactly where you want to be!

When: 23 May, 7:30 pm
Where: Lodi – The Garden Restaurant
Tickets: Rs 350. Book at
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