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Monsoon could arrive in state within a week: MeT

Alipore Meteorological office has predicted that monsoon rains may arrive in the city within the next 
seven days. The state will witness the arrival of monsoon rain between June 8 and 9. According to the weather office, the monsoon has already brought rain in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

The weather office also said that rain accompanied by thunder storm could hit the city and other districts in next 24 hours. A low pressure turf has formed in North Bengal which may cause the rainfall in the city.

West Bengal is expected to receive above-normal rainfall this monsoon, while the north-eastern states are likely to face the risk of floods. A climate scientist at Weather Risk Management Services (WRMS) said there will be a variation in rainfall, but overall the state will receive rainfall in excess, particularly in June.

Satellite images show that monsoon would set in Bengal by the seventh of this month and the wind will advance further westward towards Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh and the Himalayan belt between June 16 and 20. Monsoon rainfall usually starts in the state on by the first week of June, but this time it will come a day or two later than expected. 

Weather experts maintained that as was the case in summer, the spell of monsoon would be lengthy this year. Mousam Bhavan already announced that the country may receive rainfall between 107 and 104 per cent in July and August respectively.

City dwellers are anxiously waiting for the rain as it would bring some respite from the excessive heat and humid condition prevailing in the state.  There had been occasional rains in some places in the last few days bringing temporary relief, but a few hours later the heat returned.

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