Monks and sex-workers watch film’s premiere together

A group of Buddhist monks and sex-workers came together in the same multiplex to watch the premiere of Hindi film “Umformung The Transformation”, which is about how a Tibetan monk travels all the way to a city brothel to realise the truth of life.

The film has been directed by criminal psychologist- filmmaker Dr Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar.
“I liked the film as it is about the life of a Buddhist monk and his search for truth in life,” Dr Arunjyoti Bhikkhu, director of the Tallygonj Sambodhi Buddhist Monastery, said after the screening.

The monk, who has openly endorsed the film, said Lord Buddha preached against hating anyone and this film follows that spirit. The film which will be released commercially in theatres on August 26 has already won awards at various film festivals.

“At a time when there is so much of strife, intolerance and terrorism, we have a story which inspires us to remain together,” the director said. When asked whether he fears any controversy arising out of the subject of the film he said, “I have shown this to many monks who have endorsed my film completely.

One of the sex-workers present during the screening said it is a matter of pride for them to be invited to a film’s premiere.



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