Moh Maaya Money’s happy coincidence with Demonetisation

Moh Maaya Money’s happy coincidence with Demonetisation
Munish Bhardwaj’s Moh maaya money has made its way to the theatres just at the right time. Call it a mere fluke, Moh maaya money is perfectly timed to add fuel to the black-money debate that has currently blanketed the nation. Scheduled to release on the 11th of November, this movie with a theme highlighting the illicit usage of money by the property dealers and other black-marketers had to bear the wrath of the economical surgical strike conducted by the government to wipe out the hoarders of black money and was released on November 25th instead. The protagonists of the film, Neha Dhupia and Ranvir Shorey speak their heart out about their movie, the step taken by the government to curb black-money and stardom. Excerpts:

What are your views about Demonetisation? Do you feel this step was necessary? 
Ranvir Shorey(RA): I feel this is a really good thing that Mr Modi has done. If people are facing little problems because of this then I feel they should not complain because in order to achieve something good one can manage to face little problems. It’s very sad that people are forming alliances against this step taken. This step has been taken to fight corruption, black money but people who claimed to remove corruption and became chief minister on the basis of that are now working against it. In spite of supporting it, people are trying their best to do all sorts of things to oppose this step taken by government. Even the poor people are not complaining as much as these people from the opposition are.

Are you facing any problems because of the cash crunch?
Neha Dhupia(ND):- I had withdrawn 20,000 rupees from the ATM, 15 minutes before the announcement was made and the next day I had to deposit the whole amount in the bank. People are saying that they are not facing any problems because they have technology but there are small-small things which cannot be attained through technology. Like I have not been able to give cash to my vegetable vendor, I am taking everything on credit. Even in big grocery shops the ATM machines have stopped working because they are being used ferociously. Also because of our long work hours we don’t get time to visit banks; everything closes by the time we get free. I borrowed cash from my mom because I don’t have the patience to stand in a queue and I am spending that money very judiciously. 

Do you fear that this cash crunch would affect your movie like it affected Rock on2?
ND: - Not exactly if the content is very good. Rock on2 would have suffered anyway because it got 2 stars.  I am not saying that demonetisation wouldn’t affect it at all, but if the content is really good then nothing can stop it from becoming a super hit.

What made you say yes to this film?
RD: - Munish, because he is a good friend, he was a co-actor in one of the plays that we have performed many times in Delhi. We have worked in few films together. He is extremely talented and has the ability to think out of the box. It is sad that he is making his first film, 20years after graduating from FTII. And besides that he wrote a really good script. When somebody gives me a good script, i say yes to it without thinking much plus he gave me a lead role, which i have never done before.

ND:-  For me also the reasons are pretty similar, Munish has been a great friend and i have known him for long. Plus when a director comes and tells you that while writing the character, you were the first person that came to his mind, it feels really good. When i was offered the part of Divya, I felt it was great and agreed to do it instantly. I have never played a role like that.
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