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Modi’s space jam

Prime minister Narendra Modi might have expressed a wish to develop a satellite that would serve all the SAARC nations, but what he really gave away was the fact that he is a science junkie. Modi’s space jam has, expectedly enough, floored experts and policy watchdogs alike, while commentators within the national media are busy chattering about the premier’s lethal aside on Hollywood. Modi, in a clear swoop of inventive analogy, declared that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) led Mars Mission was successfully launched with a budget much smaller than the latest Hollywood top grosser Gravity, a ‘space movie’ starring the about-to-get-hitched George Clooney and the talented Sandra Bullock.

Inasmuch as Mister Modi has now publicly admitted his awareness of American aesthetics spread-eagled on the 75 mm as well as confirmed his addiction to science and technology news and trivia, perhaps future will see more notes being compared between Hollywood studios and ISRO, even if only in matters of budget. Jokes aside, Modi’s love for all things scientific and his technocratic bent of mind could very well prove to be the much needed push that the burgeoning Indian space sector required to cross the threshold and enter the elite league of big space-age nations who have together coauthored new chapters in space research and technology. From putting into orbit five foreign satellites with Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV C23 to envisioning a satellite to serve the whole of South Asian subcontinent, Monday turned out to be a rather eventful day for Indian space fraternity, especially as the latter got its biggest cheerleader in the elected prime minister of the country.          
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