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Modi’s hat seems to be in the ring

It is of interest that Sushma Swaraj, a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has suggested the name of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as a possibe candidate for the post of the prime minister of India. This suggests that Modi’s hat is in the ring along with several other candidates from the BJP. Swaraj’s endorsement of Modi is of interest because he is one of the many BJP leaders, especially among those chief ministers who are doing exceedingly well in their respective states. It is unfortunate that many people are not aware of the achievements of these leaders, particularly where BJP governments are in power, such as Modi. Their achievements are hardly highlighted. The many chief ministers, especially those who are well grounded in the politics of their respective states, stand a very good chance of winning. They have been close to the people and have put in place policies and programmes that have touched the heart of the people, having improved their lives in several ways. Their perfomance is all the more credible because the Congress party at the centre has not cooperated with the state governments, with reference to several matters that effect governance, particularly finance. The central government has even taken credit for many of their achievements.

As a result of this policy of the central government there has been widespread neglect of development programmes across the country. This can be seen in the widespread economic gloom in the nation. The chaos let loose by the petty-minded policies of the Congress is likely to have serious consequences. However, it may be a little too early to formulate a list of possible candidates for the coming Lok Sabha election, as some political parties seem to be doing. The likelihood of this government falling has improved considerably because the Congress-led UPA combine has been reduced to a minority and faces the ire of many of its allies and friends whom it has neglected, especially in the matter of the distribution of posts. While some of the allies have already deserted the UPA, many of the others are also no longer in two minds on the issue of providing support to the Congress.

Even the Congress party faces several internal dissensions with many of its leaders not happy with the turn of events happening within the party. With a possibility of early elections, Swaraj may not be wrong in suggesting a candidate for the post of the prime minister of India.
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