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Modi’s Ganga darshans send SPG underwater!

Modi’s Ganga darshans send SPG underwater!
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s one liner – Mujhe ma Ganga ne bulaya hai (Mother Ganges has called me) in Varanasi – has compelled the Special Protection Group (SPG) to look for prospective suppliers of the Underwater Inspection System (UIS) and the Integrated Anti-Swimmer System (IAS).

Sensing that the country’s premier might have a series of vessel trips to oversee his much talked about mission of cleaning the river Ganga, SPG officials, who give round-the-clock security to the PM, have decided to have handy and portable UIS and IAS system as top security measures to guard the PM.

The UIS is an underwater threat detection system that has a capacity of 360 degree coverage of submerged threats to vessels on anchor at the surface or at dock. It has a special trait of being able to scan underwater environments in zero visibility situations.

‘It can be installed on a small boat to scan the area, bridges for any underwater threat and can be used to complement long-range diver detection systems by classifying the threat in 3D in real time. The whole idea is to install such devices in the vessels on which our PM would travel. It is purely a safety measure, which we have taken in an attempt to fill the security gaps,’ an MHA official said.
Ever since Modi has taken charge as the prime minister, threat perceptions from terror groups have increased. There are intelligence reports saying Modi tops the ‘terror hit-list’ and the agencies should be extra vigilant in providing his security.

During the campaign in the run-up to 2014 general elections, there was a blast at his public rally in Patna. Moreover, when he was being welcomed in Delhi after his historic win on May 16, operatives of the banned Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in Bhopal issued an open threat to him by raising slogans –Ab ki baar Modi ka number and Taliban Zindabad.

On the context of IAS, the MHA official said, ‘This device will have an ability to track underwater objects or any kind of intrusion. It’s like water radar. The great thing about this device is its intelligence. It can distinguish humans from aquatic creatures. It will have shape and movement sensors, which can predict the nature of intruders and could easily identity if there is any underwater human threat or not.’

‘Before going ahead with the implantation, the SPG will be asked to carry out several security trials and checks to make it full-proof arrangements, when it comes to the security of our PM,’ he said.
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