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Modi versus Mayawati, all the way


In Western Uttar Pradesh, from Meerut to Najibabad in Bijnore, it is Narendra Modi versus BSP supreme Mayawati all the way. If the chaat wala opposite the Bijnore Club is to be believed then the fight in Bijnore is between Modi and Behenji. There is no Rahul Gandhi or Mulayam or Arvind Kejriwal. In the entire stretch beginning from Meerut to Najibabad Rahul Gandhi is totally missing. Not a single poster of Rahul can be seen. One or two posters of Mulayam Singh Yadav can be seen in Meerut area but it is Modi and Behenji‘s  posters that adorn the walls of the entire stretch.


After the Congress debacle in Delhi where the Party could win only one out of the twelve reserve seats, Rahul Gandhi had said we lost in Delhi because the balmikis did not vote for us. But the question is whether Rahul has learnt any lesson from his party’s defeat in Delhi. All the dalit appointments done after the Delhi defeat are of the jatav community. Mukul Wasnik who has been appointed spokesperson and Ashok Tanwar was appointed chief of the Haryana PCC and Kumari Shelja who has been nominated to Rajya Sabha are all jatavs The community that votes only for Mayawati and does not vote for the Congress. The recent cause for resentment among the balmikis is the possibility of again fielding a retired jatav bureaucrat from the Bulandshahr Lok Sabha parliamentary constituency. This constituency is balmiki dominated and only a balmiki has been winning from this constituency since 1952. In UP there are seventeen reserve seats out of which Congress could win only two PL Punia and Kamal Kishore . Both are non jatavs Punia is a dhanuk and Kishore a dhobi. In western UP there are four reserve seats and the Congress failed to get even one merely because it fielded only jatav candidates. The only Dalit delegate in UP PCC is Kamesh Ujjainval a balmiki of Bulandshahr. In Delhi too the only Dalit seat the Congress won has gone to Jaikishen a balmiki. But this time if the Congress fails to field a balmiki the Party is likely to lose its balmiki support base to AAP‘s broom which is targeting the balmikis.


The very recently appointed Gujarati chairman of the AICC minority department Khurshid Ahmad loves to remain in the media glare. Ahmad has once again invited the media attention and the wrath of the minority leadership of the Congress party when last week he appointed a fellow Guajarati from Maharashtra M Patel as secretary of the department replacing the long serving Anees Durrani. Durrani’s entry was however banned in the department right from the day Ahmad took charge of the department. The appointment of Patel has raised eyebrows within the Congress as both Ahmad and Patel are Gujaratis who have migrated from the Janata Dal. They are both protégé of another Janata Dal Gujarati migrant Madhusudan Mistry the new favourite general secretary of Rahul Gandhi. The Gujarati duo Mistry and Ahmad do not stop here. They are on a dismantling spree. In Uttar Pradesh too where they have replaced all minority chairman appointed by Imran Kidwai in UP.


With the possibility of the Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party making its debut in Haryana, most Congress MPs particularly those who are anti CM are reluctant to contest from their sitting parliamentary seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In 2009 the Congress had won nine out of the ten Lok Sabha seats in Haryana. Kumari Shelja not confident of winning from her Ambala seat, used her proximity to the Congress president and secured her seat in Rajya Sabha. A Hooda baiter Shelja had expressed her apprehensions that the chef minister will ensure her defeat in 2014.

Ashok Tanwar who was tipped to become PCC chief for the last two years was so wary of the delay that he wanted to move out of Haryana. It was after Tanwar started lobbying for a ticket in Delhi that Hooda was forced to withdraw his opposition to Tanwar and finally he was appointed. The anti-Hooda Rao Inderjit Singh was so wary of the apathetic attitude of the party that he left the Congress and joined the BJP after charging the Haryana government of corruption. Anti-Hooda Birender Singh is seeking a seat from outside Haryana. He is lobbying for the Delhi west seat of Mahabal Mishra. The Sonipat MP Jitender Mullick and Shruti the Mahendergarh MP and grand daughter of Bansi Lal too do not want to contest. Arvind Sharma who was a strong contender to the post of PCC chief in the state is also upset and is reluctant to contest. This is not only the casein Haryana.


Believe it or not, the Indian National Congress also has a forum by the name of Congress Secular Hindu Forum run by one K Ravi Kumar, a Sanjay Gandhi acolyte. And this Ravi Kumar has made a strange demand. He has written a letter to the Congress President Sonia Gandhi asking her to upgrade Ambika Soni, his one time senior colleague and President of the Youth Congress during Sanjay Gandhi’s time and make her the working president with immediate effect. In his letter dated 29 January this year Ravi Kumar has expressed his anguish and concern over the manner Soni is being marginalised in the party hierarchy and has demanded that an appropriate place be provided to her in the party’s decision making authority and make use of her experience by making her the working president and a member of the core committee. The letter has even made scathing attack on A K Antony saying his commitment to the Gandhi family and the Congress Party is highly suspicious.

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