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Modi took blood of Indians with demonetisation: Rahul Gandhi

Modi took blood of Indians with demonetisation: Rahul Gandhi
At a rally in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, Gandhi stopped people from hurling invective against Modi, saying he is the Prime Minister and "we must not say 'murdabad' (Down with) for anyone".

He said the Congress would have assisted any move of the government to weed out corruption and black money from India but "the decision on demonetisation was neither against corruption, nor against black money".

He said: "We want to root out corruption from India. If the government takes any decisions against corruption, we will support it 100 per cent."

The Congress leader said the November 8 announcement to spike nearly 86 per cent of the country's total currency in circulation "was against poor people of India".

"It is against 99 per cent people of India, against farmers and labourers. Without seeking their permission, Modi has taken blood out of their veins."

As Gandhi began his speech at the public rally, some people from among the crowd shouted slogans against Modi.

Gandhi asked them not to do that. "We have differences of opinion with Modi and the BJP. Do not use the word 'murdabad'... Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister. Political fight is there.

"That is for the RSS people to say, not for us."


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