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Modi tells Mulayam that turning UP into Gujarat requires '56-inch chest'

The BJP leader also took a dig at Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav for saying that Modi will not be able to convert Uttar Pradesh into Gujarat.

'Netaji, do you know the meaning of converting to Gujarat? It means 24-hour electricity in every village and street. You can't do it. It requires 56-inch chest,' Modi said, apparently suggesting that it requires decisiveness.

The BJP's prime ministerial candidate appealed for a mandate for a minimum of 60 months, promising to convert the country's huge potential into a reality so that it matches the most developed countries of the world.

'This country is not poor. The people of this rich country has been kept poor for the sake of politics ... You give me 60 months and I promise you a life of happiness and peace,' he told the rally in the eastern UP town.

'Congress governments have failed to eradicate poverty despite repeatedly projecting it as a main plank for the last 60 years,' he said.

In a sarcastic tone, he said he has been wondering for long as to why the poverty has been increasing despite the poor voting for the Congress all these years.

'Now I have got the answer. The Congress's political future lies in keeping them poor... Its mentality is anti-poor,' he added.

Apparently referring to the 'chai-wala' barb at him by Congress leaders, Modi said it was because of the party's mentality that 'no Congress leader is ready to tolerate a tea-seller, son of a poor mother holding his head high. They mock at the poor.'
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