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Modi tears into the alliance, terms it peculiar

The CPI(M) and Congress are trying to befool the youth of Bengal by making alliance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday.

He was addressing a rally in support of party candidates at Shahid Minar on Sunday afternoon. Modi said there was no harm in making alliances to contest elections. “But this alliance is peculiar. Neither the leaders of CPI(M) nor Congress are taking each other’s name in meetings. They are not even sharing a dais. How is it possible that the CPI(M) leaders who criticise Congress in Kerala take a flight to Kolkata and within two and a half hours they come to the city and praise the Congress,?” he said adding that the alliance is a threat to Parliamentary democracy. CPI(M) was Congress’ main rival before Independence and beyond but now they are suddenly friends. “They are trying to befool the youth of Bengal. But the youth here are quite intelligent and they have understood CPI(M)’s game plan.” This was Modi’s third visit to the state since the dates of elections were announced. He had been to North Bengal, Asansol and before coming to the city, he had addressed a meeting in Krishnanagar. He said Mamata Banerje had given a call to change Bengal in 2011 and within five years she had changed herself. “Didi had called for paribartan (change) and in five years’ time she has changed herself,” He said Bengal was No 1 in the country during the British period and it was said what Bengal thought today, others would think tomorrow. “See what has happened to that Bengal today. No industry and so, no jobs. Many youth have gone to other states in search of jobs. 

We believe that unless Bengal improves the country cannot improve as a whole,” he said adding the poor were becoming poorer. In the past five years Trinamool Congress did nothing to improve the state, he remarked. He said BJP government had taken several steps to give financial, assistance to the poor and the youth and those who were looking for jobs had now become employers. He said TMC had backed Sarada chit fund to rob thousands of poor people. In Narada sting operation it was shown how TMC leaders had taken money to give favours. He urged people to cast their votes for BJP candidates and once voted to power it would carry out West Bengal’s development. He said didi had lost the election battle and so she was criticising the EC.
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