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Modi stresses ‘boundless’ possibilities with S Korea

Modi stresses ‘boundless’ possibilities with S Korea
“We are two major Asian democracies. We have boundless possibilities for cooperation in India’s economic transformation and our shared progress,” Modi said at a banquet hosted in his honour by South Korean President Park Geun-<g data-gr-id="28">hye</g>.

“Our destinies are linked with the future of Asia and the Pacific. We will prosper when the region is peaceful and our sea lanes are secure and free. We know that we must be secure in our cyber world and safe in our physical world,” he said.

Modi lavished praise on President Park at the banquet, saying, “President Park you are a deeply admired leader in the region and the world. You have drawn personal strength from adversity. And, you have sought peace with persistence and wisdom.”

“Your commitment to the relationship with India is a source of strength for us. Each time we have spoken, you have shown great awareness of our big opportunities; and, you have spoken with clarity about the roadmap ahead,” he said.

“Today, in recognition of our responsibility, we have elevated our relationship to a Special Strategic Partnership,” Modi said.

He said Korea was part of India’s daily life with Indian people using Korean phones, Korean cars, Korean computers to Korean games.

“And, since youth spend a lot of time staring at their phone screens, Korea has a strong following in the 800 million young Indians,” Modi said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday also presented President Park Geun-<g data-gr-id="33">hye</g> two finely woven pashmina stoles on which a poem that Rabindranath Tagore had written <g data-gr-id="34">specially</g> for Korea is hand embroidered in English and Korean.


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