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Modi slams politicians for ignoring ‘Indian culture’

Emphasising the need to inculcate values in youth to control social evils, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi said traditional Indian value-based systems have been painted in ‘secular’ and ‘non-secular’ garb. Inaugurating a youth training centre of Brahma Kumaris here on Sunday, Modi spoke on recent crimes against women. ‘To save society from such evils, we should inculcate Indian values and culture in our youth,’ Modi said.

‘If our culture is capable, energetic and progressive, social evils can be minimised. If values and culture are given prominence, then evils can be controlled,’ he said.

‘However, in these times, value-based education systems like yoga are being weighed in terms of secularism and non-secularism,’ Modi said.

‘Politicians involved in vote-bank politics have committed a sin by ignoring Indian culture. History will seek answers from them,’ he said.   
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