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Modi says excessive allegations weaken democracy

Excessive allegations by the media can weaken democracy, particularly when allegations replace proper criticism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday.

“Criticism can help prevent mistakes and enable reveal the truth. However, in recent times, there hasn’t been proper criticism, as allegations have replaced criticism,” Modi said during the platinum jubilee celebrations of Marathi newspaper Pudhari here.

Modi called for a thorough analysis and study of criticism as it has become a casualty of speed in the modern era.

“The need of the hour is healthy criticism, not allegations,” he said.

The Prime Minister said people looked up to the media to provide good, truthful news as a dialogue was imperative for the survival of democracy.

“The credibility that the media enjoys today also gives it immense responsibility. Pudhari is one newspaper that has fulfilled this responsibility. It has overcome obstacles, persevered and won against all odds during the Indian freedom struggle,” Modi said, lauding the newspaper’s contributions.
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