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Modi pep talk for stressed students

Modi pep talk for stressed students
For anxious students across the country burning the midnight oil to get ready for the Board exams, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday had some valuable pointers. The PM confessed to students that he had been an ordinary student and also had bad hand-writing, which could explain how he passed. In his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme, Modi, addressing school students across the country who are to appear for their board examinations beginning next week, said he was “an ordinary student who never got very good marks”.

“My hand-writing was also bad and perhaps my teachers passed me in my examinations as they might not have understood what was written,” he said, in a jocular attempt to lighten the exam pressure on the students. 

Exhorting school students, especially boys, to believe in themselves, He praised girl students and said “they do well in examinations despite helping their mothers in household work”. He also stressed that it was very important to understand and know oneself well.

“You don’t have to go far away... just see your sister or may be your friend’s sister who is appearing in the board examination and you would see she is assisting her mother in her household work while preparing for her examination and still does well,” he said.
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