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Modi ignores Interpol alert, to visit J&K

In the wake of four terrorist attacks in the Valley, which claimed at least 21 lives on Friday, the alert from the international agency has sent ripples across the national security agencies, which provides round the clock security to the Prime Minister.

Sources said, after Interpol’s alert, the SPG has already engaged in sanitising the Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar city with ‘radiation meter check’ devices where Modi is scheduled to address public meetings on Monday.

The security agencies have also suggested the PMO to cancel Modi’s visit but the Prime Minister himself is adamant to visit Srinagar and decided to go ahead with his schedule in an attempt to achieve Mission 44+.

The Indian security agencies were alerted that militants active in the bordering areas of India are in possession of ‘Diminutive’ Radiological Explosives Devices (with restricted impact on a specific area). They could use it in ‘restricted parameters’ meant to target important political leaders in India.

“Therefore, there is an urgency to go for a ‘radiation meter check’ ahead of important VIP movements especially in Kashmir Valley,” government sources said revealing the Interpol’s alert.

It was learnt that an expert ‘temporary’ team was hired by the SPG and sent to Kashmir for the sanitisation work in the venues where Modi will address the public meetings. Considering the new threat and to meet the challenges, the SPG is also planning to procure more ‘radiation meter check’ instruments soon. “Plans are there to give specialise training to some of the officers with Interpol’s help to deal with the alert inputs and how to know the safe and unsafe limits of radiation. They will also be trained on how to come out of the crises – in case of any sabotage,” sources said.

Meanwhile, the security agency has requested Modi not to breach the security cordon during his visit to Kashmir. His movement to venture close to the public in the stadium won’t be allowed too. There are many instances in the recent past when it was seen that the PM has breached the security cover, causing great difficulties for the officers. “We have already done several mock drills for PM’s visit and necessary arrangements have been done to ensure tight security,” a senior officer said.
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