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Modi captures Capital’s heart

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday successfully launched brand Modi in the national capital addressing students of Delhi University’s prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce. In his maiden address in Delhi after winning the Gujarat elections, Modi lost no opportunity to pitch himself as a national leader and indicating that he looked forward to a bigger role in national politics. Modi portrayed himself as a leader who can tap into the unutilised potential of the youth.

‘India got Independence in 1947, but even after six decades, the country is still looking for good governance. We have failed in this field. This has created a negative environment and there is disappointment all around us. People say that every one is a thief and the youth want to leave the country,’ said Modi. The Gujarat chief minister added that despite the youth power in the country we have been unable to utilise it.

Projecting himself as the messiah of change, the Gujarat chief minister said despite all the negativity in the country, the situation can still be changed as he believes that the glass is always half full and not half empty. ‘This nation is being ruined by vote bank politics and the nation requires development politics. If we switch to politics of development, we will soon be in a position to bring about lasting change and progress,’ said the Gujarat chief minister.

SRCC is a known hub of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the student wing of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) and has prominent BJP leaders like Arun Jaitley, Vijay Goel and Vijay Jolly as its alumni roll. No wonder Modi used this platform to take a dig at the Congress party. Modi on arrival was greeted outside the college by a group of students opposing and supporting him.

‘I am concerned that a section of the society, especially people of the political class, in their minds consider India’s youth as only new-age voters and I don’t think we can change the situation like this. I would like that India should accept them as new-age power and not just new-age voters,’ said Modi.

Addressing the students, Modi spoke about his pro-people, good governance (P2G2) model and stressed that there should be minimum government and maximum governance.’The government has no business to do business, the answer to any problem is development and for that we should have skill, scale and speed,’ said Modi. The Gujarat chief minister, while praising the youth, said that it was because of them that the perception of the country has changed from land of snake charmers to land of mouse charmers as the country has become a leader in technology.

Earlier in the day, Modi met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and expressed his unhappiness over the government’s refusal to provide gas to the state at the same price at which it is given to Mumbai and Delhi.
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