Modi addresses rally in Howrah, lashes out at Congress, CPI(M)

Modi addresses rally in Howrah, lashes out at Congress, CPI(M)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday lashed out at Congress, CPI(M) and Trinamool Congress for failing to lead Bengal.

He was addressing a rally in favour of party candidate Roopa Ganguly in North Howrah on Thursday evening.

Modi said that for 34 years the CPI(M) had opposed computerisation, teaching of English from class I and forced industries to close their shutters. 

“They were interested only to consolidate their position and win the election. Industries did not come to the state because of strikes and lockouts and for 34 years their work has ruined the state,” he said adding that the rich became richer and the poor became poorer during their regime.

The Congress had ruled the country from Independence and now its position had become so bad that from the states where they had been thrown out, they never came back. “See, in West Bengal once defeated, the Congress has no chance of coming back.”

Criticising Mamata Banerjee he said even “didi had failed to give proper leadership to the state. Bengal was once again the most respected state in the country and in the past 39 years, the condition of the state has gone from bad to worse. There is mounting unemployment and no industry.”

He said it was unfortunate that in the past five years change had taken place in Mamata Banerjee.” In Gujarat we used to talk about her fight against the Opposition. Her honesty was unquestioned,” he said. But now questions had been raised against her integrity.  He alleged that chit fund company Sarada had flourished during her time and she did not do anything to take legal action against the multi crore scam. “She did not do anything to punish those involved with Sarada scam. The money of thousands of poor people has been robbed by the company.”

He urged people to vote for BJP candidate as the party would ensure development of Bengal. This was Modi’s fourth visit to the state.  Explaining these, political experts said that BJP was desperate to get to three seats in West Bengal to save itself from Congress’ criticism after the debacle in Bihar election that Modi wave was no working any more.


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