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Modi accuses Congress of denying Pranab Mukherjee the PM post twice

'When Indira Gandhi was assassinated, Rajiv Gandhi was in Kolkata and he went back. Under a democracy, that time the seniormost minister in Indira Gandhi's government was Pranab Mukherjee. It would have been good had he been sworn in as the country's Prime Minister,' Modi told a party rally at Brigade Parade grounds here.

'They didn't give it. Not only that, the family (Gandhi) felt that something is going on. So when the Rajiv Gandhi government was formed, seniormost minister Pranabda was not even taken as a minister,' he said.

'Again in 2004, Pranabda was the seniormost politician. It was very natural that had madam Sonia Gandhi not wanted to become (the PM), then the opportunity should have been given to Pranabda, but Manmohan Singhji was made (the PM). Pranabda was not given the opportunity,' Modi said.

He urged the people of Bengal not to forget this.

'People of Bengal should not forget this. I request you,' the Gujarat chief minister said.
Modi also attacked the formation of a Third Front. 'Let the third front see which way the wind is blowing. BJP will form the government after coming Lok Sabha elections,' he said.

'The idea behind Third Front is to make India a third-rate country. Eastern states have remained backward due to Third Front parties,' he added.

'Time has come to bid farewell to Third Front forever,' the BJP's prime ministerial candidate said.

The Gujarat chief minister was accompanied by party national president Rajnath Singh. His rally today kickstarted BJP's Lok Sabha poll campaign in the state.

Massive security arrangements were undertaken for the event.
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