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Modi accuses Cong of mud-slinging

As Congress on Friday raised the issue of his non-disclosure of marital status in the past elections, Narendra Modi, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, accused the Sonia Gandhi-led party of throwing mud at him.

‘I can see that people are disappointed with Delhi and the rule of ‘mother-son’ duo. Congress leaders never give any answer when asked what they did for the country, and what they want to do in future. And when we demand answers, they throw mud at us,’ said Modi, addressing audiences at a hundred locations simultaneously through 3D holographic projection technology.

‘But, we are not worried, because ‘kamal’ (lotus, BJP’s election symbol) flourishes better in the mud,’ he said. Modi’s counter-attack came in response to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who Friday took up the issue of Modi not disclosing his marital status in his election affidavits in the past.

‘Don’t know how many elections he has contested till now, but he has revealed for the first time that he is married. In Delhi, he talks about honour of women, but his own wife’s name doesn’t reach the affidavit,’ Rahul said at a rally in Jammu and Kashmir earlier Friday. In his multi-location broadcast from here this evening, Modi blamed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for not showing interest in urban development and eradication of child malnutrition. ‘Some time ago, I had suggested to him that Indian cities need more infrastructure, such as metro rails and fly-overs. He showed interest and asked me to submit a detailed report. But, nothing happened after that,’ Modi said.

‘Our PM once admitted that malnutrition among children is a serious issue. He even formed a committee, but, later on, the work was given to the planning commission. But, nothing concrete happened,’ he added.

In no mood to spare Congress, Modi alleged that against its promise of generating jobs for 10 crore people, it could generate only 1.5 crore jobs in the last five years. ‘They (Congress) wasted 60 years and did nothing even after people gave so many votes to them. People gave more votes to Rajiv (Gandhi) than (Jawaharlal) Nehru. But what you got in return? Nothing but corruption and malpractices. It shows how they abused power. It’s time we taught lesson to Congress.’ Modi also alleged that attempts were made to disturb the communal harmony in the last three months, without specifying any instance.

‘There was an attempt to inject fear among youngsters to get their votes. But, the youth foiled their attempt, as they are only interested in development. I also urge you that please don’t vote for me on the basis of cast, creed or religion. Vote for me if you want better governance and development,’ he said, appealing to voters to give him more than 300 seats. ‘Gujarat developed because of unity and harmony, not becasue of me. The present (UPA) government is bound to go. So, don’t experiment much, and choose BJP for a better India,’ Modi.

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