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Mobile van to provide technical support to Bengal farmers

To help the farmers in the far away districts, there will be experts in the mobile van who will impart knowledge and special training to the farmers to increase their production. A senior agriculture department official said the mobile vans will be equipped with various instruments to examine the nature and condition of the land. 

To increase the production of various crops, the farmers will be provided special training by the experts who will travel to interior villages of the districts. The campaign will be carried out in the block level through which the farmers will be able to know about the facilities and new schemes the government has taken up to provide better infrastructure to the farmers. Senior officials of the state agriculture department will be there in the mobile van and they will interact with farmers extending all technical support. 

After coming to power, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had laid great emphasis on building agriculture infrastructure. Various projects were taken up to help the farmers to increase their production. 

More than 128 Kishan Bazars have been set up throughout the state. The present government had taken necessary steps so that the farmers can directly sell their produces in the city markets. Earlier, a section of middle men used to buy the produces from the farmers in a cheaper rate and sell them in the markets in higher price. It may be here mentioned that the state government on several occasions earned ‘Krishi Karman’ award from the Centre for its performances. 

A senior official of the agricultural department said there will be an audio-visual presentation to show the farmers about the details of various ongoing projects and how to apply to the government for a particular project. The experts and agriculture researchers at the mobile vans will inform the farmers about the modern technology for paddy cultivation. They will also teach the farmers on how to save potatoes from diseases. 

Every year, several potato farmers incur huge loss after their produces get damaged due some diseases. In most of the cases the farmers do not have an idea on how to check the diseases or what would be best available option to handle the situation. 

The experts will examine the field by the use of various equipments and then advise the farmers how to apply fertilizer. The new initiative will not only help the farmers with ideas but also encourage many people. CDs have been prepared by the department through which the officials will highlight about the pisciculture and horticulture. 

Minister of State for Agriculture Becharam Manna said this was the first time that the state government had taken up such a project which will immensely benefit the farmers. They will no longer have to come to the city for examining the soil. The mobile vans will travel to their places and help them to get their soil tested. The state government had sanctioned Rs 175 crore for procuring various equipments required for farming.

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