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Mobile device adoption at workplace not yet mature: Survey

Mobile device adoption at workplace not yet mature: Survey
"Although 80 per cent of workers surveyed received one or more corporate-issued devices, desktops are still the most popular corporate device among businesses, with more than half of workers receiving corporate-issued desktop PCs," the survey by market research firm Gartner revealed.

"Adoption of convertible laptops as a corporate-issued device is still very low but has been gradually increasing," it added. 

Gartner analysts expect that more employees will receive convertible laptops in the next three years, driven by the Windows 10 update that can enhance the user experience with touch-based input. 

Adding desktops and laptops (including convertible laptops) together, 75 per cent of workers will receive at least one PC-type device in developed countries.

On the contrary, the majority of smartphones used in the workplace are personally-owned devices -- only 23 per cent of employees surveyed are given corporate-issued smartphones.

"The low adoption of corporate-issued mobile devices underlines the fact that large numbers of personally-owned mobile devices are used in the workplace," added Mikako Kitagawa, principal research analyst at Gartner.

"Smartphones and phablets are the most popular personally owned devices used for work, with 39 per cent of employees using them, compared with just 10 per cent who are only using corporate-issued smartphones and phablets," Kitagawa said.

The survey findings were based on the "2016 Gartner Personal Technologies Study" was conducted among 9,592 respondents in the US, the UK and Australia.



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