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Mob ransacks private nursing home for flawed surgery on two tribal women

A mob on Friday ransacked a portion of a private nursing home in Bolpur, after two women alleged a glaring negligence on the part of the doctors who had performed an operation on their eyes while they were admitted there with abdomen pain.

The nursing home authorities, however, denied the allegation and said that both women were indeed admitted with eye problems. The situation turned ugly when the family members of the two victims and some local residents went on a rampage, ransacking a portion of the nursing home. A huge contingent of police was pressed into action to control the situation.

It took a few hours to pacify the mob and they retreated after the police assured a proper investigation into the incident. Locals said that last Tuesday, two tribal women from Gopalnagar village in Bolpur, Binu Soren and Champa Basky were admitted to the nursing home with abdominal pain. Both the women have alleged that after they visited the hospital, the doctors started checking their eyes instead of their abdomen. They told the doctors that they did not have any eye problems, but the doctors still went ahead with the surgery on their eyes.

When the women asked the doctors why they had performed surgery on their eyes when they were suffering problems in their abdomen, the doctors allegedly told them that they were not doctors. They also told them to remain quite until their diseases were healed.

As the patients complained about the incident, their family members became agitated and went on to damage the hospital. The nursing home authorities remained adamant on their version of events, calling it nothing unusual and alleged that the patients were lying. They claimed that there was no negligence in the treatment.

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