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Mob ransacks bank after being ‘denied’ money in Malda

People went on rampage ransacking a branch office of a nationalised bank at Ratua village of Malda after they were denied money.

The customers alleged that they were unable to withdraw a minimum amount of Rs 2,000 – Rs 5,000 whereas other banks in the surrounding areas were giving the amount to their customers.

The customers staged a movement in front of the bank demanding the minimum amount. People got agitated on Thursday noon after they were allegedly denied the money by the bank.

The situation turned violent when a mob ransacked the door and the sign board of the bank. An ATM kiosk situated in the area was also damaged when the mob pelted stones at it.

A huge contingent of police rushed to the spot and tried to convince the people.

An altercation broke out between the police officers and the customers of the bank.

The police brought the situation under control after a few hours.

The people have alleged that the bank was distributing only Rs 1,000 to the customers but the 
businessmen in the area were being given large amount of money.

“We are queuing up every day but the bank authorities are only giving us Rs 1,000. We requested 
the bank officials to increase the amount as the other banks are giving. But our appeal was denied by the bank. We are facing difficulties as the bank is not giving the desires amount. 

Though, some businessmen were getting the amount they were requiring,” bank customers have alleged.The bank officials did not want to comment on the allegations.
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