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Mission Accomplished

‘Captain America: Civil War’ starts off when a collateral damage is caused during a mission in Nigeria, by the Avengers team, which puts them in trouble. 

Talks of clipping their powers arise as the Secretary of State approaches the team to convince them to sign a document, named after the destroyed city from ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’, according to which the Avengers will be controlled and directed by the United Nations.

 They will be able to act only when the UN deems it fit. This generates a debate among the superheroes whether or not to give in. While Captain America (Chris Evans) believes that they must have freedom to defend humanity without the government’s involvement, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) thinks otherwise. 

This creates a tussle and divides the Avengers in two groups as they have to come to a decision even if they have to go against each other. This mega battle of superheroes is a power packed action sci-fi which will be enjoyed by all action and fantasy lovers.

 The hero v/s hero concept in the movie, generates civil war, a fight within the Avengers which leads to the disclosure of some long, pondered upon and lamented secrets. ‘Revenge is never the answer to stop violence,’ is what the story talks about. Another very important message from the movie, is the message from Margaret Peggy to Kate that one must never give in to peer pressure when they know they are right, even if everyone calls them wrong. 

Captain America chooses to stick to his beliefs and fights against his friends unwillingly. In between this debate, Captain America’s friend-turned-psychologically-controlled soldier Bucky plays an important role.

 It is because of him that the war gets more intense. Daniel Bruhl’s character, although not a superhero, is extremely crucial in the search for lost facts that eventually cause an intense war. ‘Civil War’ not only deals with the internal conflict between Captain America and Iron Man but also involves Black Widow, Hawkeye, Wanda, Sam, a young and chatty Spiderman, Ant-Man, Falcon, Vision and Black Panther.

 Even though Black Panther’s character (played by Chadwik Boseman) did not have enough screen space in comparison to some of the other super heroes, one will not be able to walk out of the theatre without appreciating his bold intelligence and dedication. Tom Holland’s presence as Spiderman is another excitement as the young spidey successfully portrays every detail of the beloved character in his little screen time. Paul Rudd’s comeback as Ant-Man is one more admirable performance.

 Chris Evans’ powerful presence and his awesome physique, accompanied with an overwhelming performance may not allow you to blink, so is the case with Robert Downey Jr. This movies is probably the best in the Captain America movie franchise.

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