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Missing student’s kin blames school, principal falls ill

The family of Bisweswar Paul, a Class X student of Scottish Church School, who had gone missing from Saturday, agitated in front of the principal Bidhas Sanyal on Monday.

Monday was Teachers’ Day as well. But the intensity of the protest was so heavy, that the principal fell ill and he was needed to be admitted in a city hospital. The family members and the other protesting guardians, who were alleging school’s negligence as the boy was last seen in school, were unperturbed with illness of principal, demanded his arrested.

The principal on the other hand, ruled out the entire allegation framed by protesting guardians saying the boy was suspended from the school a few days ago for forging the mathematics answer sheet, where he put a number with red ink over the actual number that he got. He was asked to attend school only during examination time. “On Saturday, he came to the school to receive the Physics paper. But we have no information about where he had gone from the school. We cannot take onus of his disappearance,” said Sanyal. The family members along with the other guardians of the schools have lodged complaint with the Burtolla Police station principal alleging negligence.

The school authority cleared that the student was unruly and always had gone against the rules and regulations. His uncle had come to receive him from the school on Saturday, but could not find him there.

However, while the principal was taken to the hospital, the protesting guardians stopped the vehicle and tried to drag him outside the ambulance. The security of the principal then tried to restrain the guardians and eventually got engaged into an altercation and scuffle. The police in the meantime intervened and rescued the principal and the ambulance driver from the rage of agitating guardians.

“We had called up the father and uncle of Bisweswar three months ago to inform them about his wrong doings. They did not pay any heed to us. If they paid attention to our words and had taken our opinion seriously, this situation could be avoided,” said a teacher. The family of the missing boy, however, threatened the school authority to take them to court, if they could not get their child back home.
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