Miscreant attempts to kill woman

A miscreant attempted to kill a woman when she went out of her home to foil the plan of kidnapping his son. The incident took place at Baishnabgar police station in Malda late Friday night. Police said the victim Furkuri Mondal somehow came to know that the accused Sushanta Mondal had chalked out a plan to kidnap her son. Sushanta had lent Rs 20,000 to the victim’s son Mithun five months ago. Mithun used to return a part of the principal money along with the interest every month. But he failed to give the money this month despite giving repeated assurances.

On Friday night Sushanta made plans to kidnap Mithun. His mother came to know about it from a person who is close to Sushanta and went out of her home along with her daughter Banti.

At a distance of around 500 metre, Sushanta found the victim and approached her. He told her that he would kill her son if he does not give his money back. It led to an altercation and Sushanta stabbed Furkuri with a sickle. She received injuries on her head and hands. Banti also received injuries on her hand when she tried to save her mother.

The accused fled finding local people gathering after hearing their cry for help. The victim and her daughter were initially taken to Bedrabad health care centre. Later they were shifted to Malda Medical College and Hospital.

Mithun later lodged a complaint with Baishnabgar police station against Sushanta. Police are yet to arrest him.



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