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Miracle or mirage?

Miracles do happen but not every time. It is not wise enough to expect miracle to come to ensure the desired result. One of the candidates in the ongoing presidential election is totally banking on a miracle to come to his rescue. The candidate running against rough weather might have thought of becoming positive with an aim to relieve his tensions. The tensions are not there to last long as every day is bound to bring different cuisine for the mind and soul of an individual. Though the elections are contested with a pessimistic note to win, the victory is not in store for each and every candidate. P A Sangma’s claim to emerge victorious is not an unusual claim as every candidate would never state that he or she is contesting to lose. One has to make such claim to plant a sapling to reap a good harvest and generate a favorable wave to impress electorates. It is also a hard fact to understand that there must be a charismatic personality to invoke a miracle or to motivate the stakeholders to join hands to make a miracle happen. Sangma has been referring to a miracle like 1969 when an independent candidate in presidential election V V Giri got through despite being denied nomination by the ruling party. At that point of time the then prime minister, India Gandhi was there to wisely plan a strategy to infuse the desired silent current to incite the electoral college to peep inside their heart and mind to rise up to the occasion. As of now there is no such personality to activate a sense of affection towards Sangma. He had to run from pillar to post to get him adopted by an alliance or a syndicate of the chief ministers. Even his own party - Nationalist Congress party backed out stating that former Lok Sabha speaker, former union minister and former chief minister, Sangma is venturing as an individual and the party would disown him at an appropriate point of time. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had to face resistance within its organisation while putting a seal on his nomination. The allies in the BJP-led alliance sang different tunes instead of presenting a chorus. Sangma has been talking of a miracle to appear as an
during his course of campaign. Sangma has also been underlining the fact that he is a candidate of adivasis. This is also not going to help him in getting the support of all advasis MPs and MLAs.

Sangma is lacking a leader competent and capable to influence members of Electoral College sitting on the other side to decide their action as per their conscience. Our party politics is armed with the dictates of the respective leaders and party whips to veto any conscience appeal. The only exception was 1969 when congress party MPs and MLAs defied party directives to vote party nominated candidate Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy to lose.
Further Sangma who has been making rhetoric every day, has no flock of babas and tantriks like Chandra swami, Nirmal baba and others on his side to perform pujas and anushthans to make happen. Such babas used to call shots during the period of the then prime ministers late P V Narsimha Rao and Chandershekhar. It is strange that they have disappeared from the scene and nobody is interested to seek their services and blessings. The followers of such babas in the media are also silent as if they have harnessed the most which they wanted to have from the supernatural acts of such babas. Of late such
have also been exposed. Hence, they are sitting aloof awaiting heydays.

When we look back to the days of the first government of the BJP-led by A B Vajpayee as prime minister on probation, appointed by the then president, S D Sharma in 1996, the BJP flock was expecting an invisible support to make them get through during confidence vote in the lower house. Sharma had invited the leader of the single largest party in the house, emerged after the election, to head the government.

During 13 days of governments’ life the union minister, Sushma Swaraj had been claiming to overcome the trial of strength with the help of an invisible support i.e.
adrishay shakti,
though it never appeared to bail them out.

However it was being debated in the political circles that the BJP might have managed to garner support of the independents and smaller parties but not even a single MP came out to their rescue and the government was voted out disgracefully. The party which might have invoked the blessings of Lord Rama to pass the acid test failed miserably. The invisible i.e. adrishay remained adrishay and was never visible.

It is easy to talk of a miracle to happen or any invisible power to appear to help though these are like day time dreams, hard to take the real shapes. The invisible forces cannot make anybody invincible.

Hence miracles are like mirages, the more we think of it, and the more we reach to follow them, the more they go farther to become unreachable. One must think of the ground realities rather than miracles and dreams.

Sat Pal is a communication consultant and has worked with several central and state ministers.
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