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‘Mintoo not cooperating’

The Khalistan Liberation Force Chief Harminder Singh Mintoo is turning out to be a tough nut to crack by interrogators. He is misleading the investigators and is not providing exact answers to direct questions asked by the Special Cell officers, Punjab Police and intelligence officers interrogating him.

Sources in Delhi Police have revealed that the KLF chief is a cool headed person and calmly replies to all questions asked to him. He is kept in tight security and special officers are keeping a round-the-clock vigil on him.

“Our major concern is why did Mintoo and Kashmir Singh drop in Delhi. He tells he wanted to go to Goa via Panvel in Mumbai but we are not gulping down any theory that he narrates. Why Kashmir Singh and Mintoo separated is a matter of vital concern for us. We have formed several teams to nab Kashmir Singh as well,” said a senior officer dealing with the probe. Sources claim that Mintoo revealed in the interrogation that while in Nabha Jail, he was in touch with another KLF militant Harmeet Singh, alias Happy, who is presently based in Lahore.

The sources also say that they are dealing with a man who has been specially trained to dodge interrogators. He has answers to every question but then it needs intense verification. He has so far revealed that he was close to Gurpreet Singh Shekhon in jail. Now, since many of the inmates are still absconding, the investigation of Harminder Singh Mintoo becomes too crucial. With Punjab elections round the corner, the jailbreak resulting in inmates making way to the national Capital is an area of concern for the security agencies. Meanwhile, the officers from Punjab Police also joined the Delhi Police on Tuesday and both teams are jointly interrogating the KLF chief.

  • Why did they run away from Nabha jail?
  • What was the bigger plan after the escape?
  • Who helped the inmates in fleeing jail?
  • Why did they stop in Delhi and were they really going to Goa?
  • Whom was Mintoo in touch with in the KLF?
  • Do they have any sleeper cell members in the organisation?
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