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Mineral output rises 2.5% in February

The index of mineral production for the mining and quarrying sector in February went up 2.5 per cent while the total value was estimated at Rs 19,785 crore.

It said contribution of coal to the total value of production was highest at Rs 7,865 crore or 40 per cent, followed by petroleum (crude) at Rs 5,226 crore and iron ore at Rs 2,686 crore. "The index of mineral production of the mining and quarrying sector for February 2015, at 130.7, was 2.5 per cent higher compared with February 2014," an official statement read.

The fourth, fifth and sixth spots were taken up by natural gas (utilised) at Rs 2,030 crore, lignite with Rs 561 crore and limestone with Rs 427 crore, respectively. "These six minerals together contributed about 95 per cent of the total value of mineral production in February 2015," the statement added.

The production level of important minerals in the month stood at 583 lakh tonnes for coal, 47 lakh tonnes for lignite, 2,455 million cubic metre for natural gas (utilised), 29 lakh tonnes for petroleum (crude) and 1,651 thousand tonnes for bauxite.
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