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Military celebrates 86th anniversary

China’s 2.3 million-strong PLA, the world’s largest standing army, today marked its 86th anniversary showcasing some of its latest weaponry in a display evoking its growing military might.

From a revolutionary force under the leadership of the ruling Communist Party of China, the People’s Liberation Army emerged as a major military force and fought a number of wars with the country’s neighbours after 1949, including the 1962 war with India.

It is also one of the rare militaries which functioned under the Communist Party despite being a national army. With 2.3 million personnel, the PLA has risen from humble origins to a strong power corresponding with more than three decades of the country’s economic boom, state-run Xinhua news agency said in a commentary.

It is now equipped with a newly-commissioned aircraft carrier, while other advanced weaponry, including a J-20 stealth fighter jet and large military transport aircraft, are in development.
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