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Mild earthquake recorded in Bajura of Nepal

A mild earthquake measuring 4.0 magnitude on the Richter scale has jolted Nepal’s western region, officials said on Sunday. The epicenter of the tremor was located in Bajura district, about 600 km west of Kathmandu, the National Seismological Centre (NSC) said.

The tremor, recorded at around 6 p.m on Sunday , was said to be a fresh one, and not the aftershock of last year’s devastating twin earthquakes.

The last aftershock of magnitude 4.1 was recorded in Gorkha district on July 23. 

The NSC, on July 2, recorded an earthquake of 4.4 magnitude in Bajhang district.

A total of 465 aftershocks with 4 or more magnitude were recorded so far. 

Since April last year when powerful twin earthquakes had devastated the country and brought everything into ruins. 
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