Metro to make arrangements for preventing suicides

To prevent the incidents of suicide at the stations, the Metro railway authorities are planning to launch special arrangements in the East-West Metro in Kolkata.

According to a top official in the Metro Railways in Kolkata, the Metro authorities are planning to set up glass railing along the platform with the doors at particular places which will be thrown open or close with the corresponding doors of the Metro rakes. 

The glass doors will be opened only after the arrival of trains in the platform and they will be closed as the train starts moving. It has been seen that people often commit suicide by jumping in front of running trains while they enter into the platforms.

As a result of this the commuters face serious inconvenience as the Metro service has become a life line for the city commuters. 

If the project is implemented the harassment of passengers due to an incident of suicide can be stopped. The Metro railway authorities have come up with a bunch of new facilities for the passengers in the East-
West Metro.

The passengers will be able to avail mobile network at each station. The trains which will be plying the route will be automated which means the driver will not be required to control the speed of the trains. 
The automated trains will be able to increase or decrease their own speed.

If a Metro rake develops technical snag while travelling through the tunnel under the Hooghly river bed, passengers could be safely evacuated.

Keeping the top most priority on passenger safety the Metro railway authorities have set up a walkway along the side of the railway track which will be extended up to the nearby stations. In case a train develops technical problems, while travelling under the river bed, all the doors of that particular train will be thrown open on the side where the walkway is situated.

The walk way will be elevated up to the height of doors so that the passengers do not face any problems while getting down the train. Apart from this there will be evacuation shaft for taking out the passengers through ladders from inside the trains. The 14.67 km East West Metro corridor will connect Howrah Miadan to Salt Lake sector V.

From Howrah Maidan the tunnel will cross over to the Kolkata through underground tunnel set up about 10 meters deep under the Hooghly river bed and then it will get linked to Sealdah where the stretch coming from Salt Lake side will converge.



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