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Met Obama...really good meeting, great chemistry: Prez-elect

The two leaders put past animosity aside during a 90-minute meeting on Thursday, wherein Obama briefed Trump on domestic and foreign policy issues, besides his upcoming foreign trips to Greece, Germany and the APEC Summit in Peru.

“A fantastic day in D.C. Met with President Obama for first time. Really good meeting, great chemistry,” he tweeted at the end of his day-long meetings. 

The two leaders described the meeting as excellent and appeared to have left their the bitterness of the election campaigning. 

The president-elect also met the Speaker of House of Representative Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“I think we are going to absolutely spectacular things for the American people and I look forward to starting – quite frankly we can’t get started fast enough,” Trump said after his meeting with Ryan.
“Whether it’s on healthcare or immigration so many different things. We’re going to lower taxes, so many different things we are going to be working on,” he added.

“We had a very detailed meeting, and we’re going to lower taxes, as you know, health care we’re going to make it affordable. We are going to do a real job on healthcare,” he said, adding that he had a “great meeting” with Ryan.

Thereafter, the Speaker led him out onto his balcony.

“We have a lot to do. We’re going to work very strongly on immigration, health care and we’re looking at jobs, big league jobs,” Trump said after his meeting with McConnell.

In his remarks, Ryan said  that Trump had one of the most impressive victories they had ever seen.
“We are going to turn that victory into progress for the American people, and we are now talking about how we are going to hit the ground running to get this country turned around and make America great again,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden met with Vice President-elect Mike Pence in his West Wing office.
“They spoke about their time working together in Congress and their friendship dating back many years,” the White House said in a readout of the meeting.

“The Vice-President talked with the Vice President-elect about the key duties of the Vice President, and discussed a number of specific policy portfolios that have been a critical focus for him during his time in office, including NATO and eastern Europe and expanding access to the middle class,” it said.
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