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Merkel rapped for veiled threat to Greek voters

EU parliament president Martin Schulz, on Wednesday accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of “irresponsible speculation” over suggestions that Greece may be allowed to exit the euro if the far-left wins elections this month.

“The irresponsible speculation and debate over the ‘Grexit’ (Greek exit from the eurozone) really isn’t helping,” Schulz said in comments published by the Die Welt daily.

“It should be clear to everyone: there is no question of a withdrawal from the euro. The unsolicited comments which give the people of Greece the idea that it’s not for them to decide their future via their votes, but up to Brussels or Berlin could even push electors into the arms of radical forces,” the German member of the European parliament warned.

Merkel has come under fire since the Der Spiegel news weekly on Saturday cited sources close to the German government as saying she is prepared to let Greece leave the eurozone if Greeks elect a government that jettisons the country’s current austerity course.
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