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Merging the arts and sciences

Merging the arts and sciences
The central theme behind Alam’s collection of works is called Lace of Stars which represents fragmentation of the female body and an interplay between light and shadow, and soft and rigid forms.

Commenting on her collection, Alam said, ‘There is also a strong visual connection to the sky, movement, darkness and revelation. The name Lace of Stars was chosen to convey a sense of patterning and connecting of the dots, visually and thematically. Lace of Stars, like many of my works, also refers to a constellation and a fantastical backdrop, reminiscent of the Islamic parable The Night Journey (Mir’aj) — a story in which the Prophet Mohammed takes a mystical voyage from Mecca to Jerusalem at night, riding a creature half-angel, half-horse.’

Religious and secular allegories with themes of migration, travel and fantasy also inhabit Alam’s narrative influences. Imbued with feminist scholarship of woman as discourse rather than real human - the ambivalent or suspended female form, Alam juxtaposes the silhouetted, soft female body against cold, discordant geometrical patterns.

The symmetry of Islamic architecture and reductive lattice motifs provide a formal reference point for Lace of Stars, anchoring Alam’s process and visual language.

 Fariba S. Alam is a visual artist who lives and works in New York. She and was selected for Aljira EMERGE (2008.) Her work has been exhibited at The Queens Museum, MOCADA/Museum of African Art, MOCA/Shanghai among others; her collections include the Burger Collection and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio.The show will continue till 11 January 2014. We say, don’t miss this one.

When: 13 December, 11 am onwards
Where: Shrine Empire, Friends Colony
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