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Merchant of Venice comes to Delhi

Merchant of Venice comes to Delhi
The Films and Theatre Society which is celebrating the Summer Theatre Festival 2014 is organising a play titled Saudagar on Saturday. Saudagar, directed by Atul Satya Koushik is an Indian adaptation of one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, The Merchant of Venice. This adaptation is peculiar for recreating quintessential Shakespearian moods on stage in an Indian setup.

The plot of the play unfolds with a merchant lendsing three thousand ducats to his friend in order to assist him in wooing the wealthy and beautiful princess of a princely state in pre-independent India. As the merchant’s own money is tied up in some risky business ventures, he borrows the money from a moneylender whom he has previously insulted for his religion and high rates of interest. The moneylender lends the money against a bond whereby failure to repay the loan on the agreed date will entitle him to a pound of the merchant’s flesh. The princess’ father has decreed that she will marry whichever suitor makes the correct choice when presented with three caskets made of gold, silver and lead. The story unfolds in a manner thereafter.

The Films and Theatre Society is five years old registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 on All India basis. The main objective of the society is the production and promotion of theatrical plays, short films and other performing arts such as dance and music in India, with a special focus on Indian arts.

When: 5 July, 7pm
Where: Epicentre, Sector-44,Gurgaon

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