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Merc driver refuses to give way to ambulance, first to be prosecuted

Merc driver refuses to give way to ambulance, first to be prosecuted
A week after Delhi Traffic Police informed that drivers not giving way to ambulances shall have to cough up a fine of Rs 2,000, the first car to be prosecuted for the offence has turned out to be a white Mercedes, police said on Wednesday.

At least three more vehicles were tracked by the police committing the same offence in a recently documented video. The 30-minute-long video was recorded by a camera fitted to a police vehicle preceding an ambulance, which was attending an emergency call. A traffic free Green Corridor was arranged for the same by the police. The Mercedes was tracked, along with a cab (whose registration number could not be captured by the camera due to a sudden jerk), in the first seven minutes of the video.

“Initially, police officers will be personally sent to the defaulters’ addresses to serve them the notice (informing about the fine of Rs 2,000) after showing them clips from the video through which they were tracked,” said Muktesh Chander, Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic). He further said, this step has been taken considering the sensitivity and seriousness of the concerned issue.

Through a recently mailed circular, Delhi Traffic Police has also suggested all hospitals in the city to equip their ambulances with a small camera on the dash-board, which can make it easy for the police to prosecute drivers who do not respect the “right of way”, said Chander. He further said, cost of such a camera can range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000, which is not at all unaffordable for the hospitals.
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