Member of world vetiver network lauds CM’s Sabujayan project

Member of world vetiver network lauds CM’s  Sabujayan project
P Vincent, a member of the world vetiver network, visited  the nursery  where the grass is  grown in Nadia  on January 17.

He also visited the Bhagirathi river and gave necessary advise to the employees who look after the grass. Vincent praised the Sabujayan project which was taken up by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

It may be recalled that during her visit to Nadia on November 23, Banerjee named the project to plant a special type of grass to prevent soil erosion and flood.

Six rivers — Bhagirathi, Padma, Jalangi, Ichamati, Churni and Mathabhanga — pass through Nadia which is a flood prone district. During monsoon, they become turbulent and floods affect the district almost every year. It was decided that grass will be planted on the banks covering an area of 744 km. the grass will be planted which include the stretches where concrete embankments have been constructed. The grass is available in Tamil Nadu and the cost of bringing the consignment is financially not viable.

Accordingly, 50 nurseries have been set up where the grass is being grown. The root of the grass goes below 20 feet and can retain the soil along the rivers. The grass grows very fast. If successful, then the grass will be planted in other flood torn areas of the state. This may save state’s exchequer as huge amount of money is spent every year.   
Tarun Goswami

Tarun Goswami

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