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Meghan Trainor wants to collaborate with Bruno Mars

Meghan Trainor wants to collaborate with Bruno Mars
Singer Meghan Trainor says she would love to collaborate with singer Bruno Mars.

“I love collaborating! I didn’t get enough time this time on my album to really go out and write songs with other artists that I wish I could’ve but I didn’t,” she said on The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show, reports 

“I love it! Some people, even at my label will be like, ‘Be like Adele and don’t have any features and do it yourself!’ and I’m like that’s cool too, but I’m a fan of this person and I really want my voice with their voice,” Trainor said. “You know I would love to sing with Michael Buble or Bruno Mars, I 
always sing along to their records and I’m like, ‘Sounds great! 

We should do this!’ and my mom would always say, ‘You and John Legend would sound great together!’ So when that happened it was one of those moments like, ‘Oh my gosh!’” she added.

The 22-year-old singer says she found it “terrifying” when she performed a love song in front of One Direction star Harry Styles.

“Performing a love song in front of Harry is terrifying, and on top of that I was a little nervous because he was one of the first celebrities I met,” she said.


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