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Meghan Trainor increases security after Grimmie’s death

Meghan Trainor increases security after Grimmie’s death
‘Title’ hitmaker admitted that she fears for her own safety after Grimmie was shot after a concert performance earlier this month, reported Daily Mirror. “The two days following [Grimmie’s murder] I was like, ‘I am not going out to see fans, I am too afraid now. I want to make sure we have good security,” Trainor said.

“I am not that artist yet, I don’t have security with me all the time, I don’t have ‘my guy.’ I asked my team, ‘Should I be getting a guy? Should I have someone?’ I go out all the time without security, and you just never know. You have no idea who’s out there obsessed with you to the point that they would do something like that,” she said.

Grimmie had opened for the band ‘Before You Exit’ at The Plaza Live in Orlando and was signing autographs for fans when the fan carrying two handguns approached her and opened fire.
“I did go out recently and sign [autographs] for some fans... and I do feel better about this. I do need to be careful, but I can still do this. I don’t have to be afraid of the world. That’s my biggest fear on top of that, to be afraid to go outside,” Trainor added.

Grimmie had posted a video of herself shortly before the concert was scheduled to begin, encouraging fans to come see her perform. 

Grimmie, who was born in New Jersey, finished third during season six of the US series of ‘The Voice’, competing on the team of ‘Maroon 5’ star Adam Levine. 

‘The Voice’ paid tribute to Grimmie on its official Twitter page: “There are no words. We lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice.” 
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