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Meditating through abstracts

Meditating through abstracts
Colourist Niti Jain has exhibited her works representing meditative abstracts at Gallerie Ganesha. Her exhibition titled Meditative Hues will continue till 27 March.

Colour has always dominated Jain’s colossal canvases – the largest one in the current show is about 6 feet by 6 feet. She has been been exploring colour and her work from the very beginning and her recent works are the result of that search.

Niti, who studied art at Slade School of Fine Art and also trained under veteran artist Rameshwar Broota for ten years grew up in the city of Jaipur whose myriad colours never fail to charm, and it is that obsession with colour that marks her solo show of abstract paintings in oil on canvas titled Meditative Hues.

Explaining her journey and her initial contact with art, Niti said, 'I was born in Jaipur and my mother was extremely fond of the local crafts. She incorporated them in our home in her own way, so I grew up appreciating both colour and Indian craftsmanship.

A further impetus came when I learnt the traditional blue pottery at my school’s arts and crafts department.  Later, I took up the same as a hobby at Shilpi Kala Kendra. Looking back, I realize it wasn’t the pottery as much as the colour blue and how it could be played with that really fascinated me.'
Just like her fascination with colour, Jain has also remained loyal to the genre of abstraction, one which is often sidelined in the blitzkrieg of new media and figurative-narrative images.

However, there has been a marked evolution in her work. For her previous show, she had created abstracts whose colours were louder, strokes more vigorous and the movement of the brush more pronounced.  Meditative Hues, in contrast, is a calmer rendition with a subtlety that speaks of an inherent spirituality that comes with age and experience.

'Perhaps this change has also come about because I have been working closely with an NGO for many years and the satisfaction that comes with it gets transferred into the peace you see on my canvases. Plus I have been reading a lot of philosophy lately.'

Since Jain is a colourist, any visual stimuli works as an inspiration for her - from the colour of wet mud to peeling plaster, from the paintings of American artist Cy Twombly renowned for large-scale, freely scribbled, calligraphic works to Mark Rothko’s abstract expressionism.

Not something that art lovers should miss over. Mark the dates and head over to see her works up close and make your own observations about the magic she creates.

WHEN: On till 27 March
WHERE: Gallerie Ganesha, E-557, Greater Kailash II
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